Cyclocross Season is upon us!

Many of you have been working on honing your cyclocross skills, our Thursday night skills clinic has been great! However, now is also the time to be working on your cyclocross fitness. Think about how you feel after that first 1/4 lap. Do you feel like you have already completely drained your tank? Are you the rabbit or the dog on the chase? How about at the end of the race….are you the windshield or the bug? This is all related to your fitness!

Intervals, intervals, intervals! They are awful, they hurt, the do not feel good….but they are a necessary element of your cyclocross training. If you are not doing intervals, you are already behind!

Come see us on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:30 pm where we will be executing vo2 max intervals and tabata intervals. These will hurt, but the physiologic gains you get from the efforts will ultimately take you to the next level in your racing!


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